Wrapped Up

Things in the wedding planning department have really picked up as of late.  I finally downloaded the amazing Brides Wedding Genius iPhone app (I'll elaborate on my  obsession with this little godsend in another post) and the floodgates of inspiration blew wide open.  For three days straight, I've been poring over photos of dresses and accessories, and one thing has become increasingly clear:  I pretty much need to build my wedding look around a crystal head wrap.  
Anyone who knows me will vouch for my addiction to head wraps. They're just so....free spirited and fun, and that's exactly how I feel when I put one on.  I want my attire to reflect the way I am going to feel on my wedding day so it's only logical that I adorn my head with this accoutrement.  Below are some options I'm loving right now:

(1)Jennifer Behr, $172, (2)Jennifer Behr, $250, (3)Jennifer Behr, $225, (4) Ban.Do, $165, (5) Ban.Do, $130, (6) Ban.Do, $50

Photo Credit: Lock & Mane, Ban.Do

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