The Sunnies Side of Life + A Halloween Treat

It has been far too long since I've a) done any legitimate shopping and b) added to my collection of sunnies. I have been OBsessing over round, half-tint sunglasses ever since my fashion faves started rockin' the Chanel version a few years back.  

Rachel Zoe, another of my fashion inspirations, repeatedly sports a different - and equally great - version of the round sunnies (vintage, of course).  

Last week, I finally found the PERFECT pair of round sunnies for the PERFECT price on EtsyEven Raggy has taken a liking to them.  They really bring out her inner Iris Apfel! I think  she's ready for Halloween, don't you? 

Raggy models shades from Starstruckladies' Etsy shop, misc. jewels

What are you dressing as this Halloween? I can't wait to share photos of my costume with all of you.  Whatever your costume, I hope you have a fun and fabulous weekend of Halloween celebrations! 

Photos by me and unknown sources via Google Images 


Going To Great Lengths

JS Boutique dress, H&M faux fur stole, Aldo heels, misc jewels
Last night we attended a cocktail party that was hosted by two new friends. The pieces I chose to wear to last night's gathering embody everything I  love for an evening look: fur, length, and a touch of the bohemian.  

This faux fur stole was one of the best accessory purchases I made last year. It has the ability to infuse excitement into any look, and it offers just the right amount of warmth for an L.A. fall evening. 

My ensemble selections also turned out to be quite practical since the party was held on a rooftop terrace (something I had completely forgotten when getting dressed), and the weather got quite chilly toward the end; thank goodness for my stole! 

photos: Chris


DIY Madness - Head Case, Part 2

As promised, dear readers, I present you with the outcome of yesterday's DIY turband* project.

Once the cutting and sewing was over, I knew this piece needed some sparkle. I have been trying to re-purpose a pair of clip-on earrings that have been lying dormant in my jewelry box for years, and this was the perfect opportunity. Once I sewed one of those little suckers on the front of the turband, the project felt complete.  

For its public debut, I styled my DIY gem as part of a bohemian look.  I can think of so many outfits that will benefit from the addition of this turband, though, and I can't wait to play around some more! 

Self-designed turband, gifted faux fur & suede vest, thrifted J Brand jeans,  Truly Madly Deeply tee, vintage clutch, Nine West boots, misc. jewels

I had such a blast making my new headdress and seeing it come to life when paired with an ensemble.  I encourage all of you to dust off those old pieces in your closet that never see the light of day and find out what else you can make with them!

*Editorial note: A turband is a turban-headband hybrid. Chris asked me last night if I had intended to write "turband" instead of "turban."  Just wanted to clarify in case anyone else out there was wondering the same thing.  

Photo credit: Chris


DIY Madness - Head Case, Part 1

I have been on a crazy DIY kick lately. I attribute this to the endless slew of rain that L.A. was hit with this week. My latest project took me in the direction of turbands, which have been on my mind a lot as of late.  IMO, the thought process behind this project was just as great as the outcome - only because it was SO random.  Isn't that the beauty of inspiration, though?  One thought or image can lead you in a direction you never could have anticipated.  More on that later, though.  For now, let's take a look at a few of the images behind my turban-like head wrap craving: 

First, Kelly of The Glamourai shared photos of herself wearing an amazing "scarf-turned-turban":

Then, as if reading my  mind, B. Jones Style announced a giveaway of this Eugenia Kim velvet headband (of course I entered immediately!): 

Finally, today's Topshop homepage featured a jeweled knit turband.  I am a sucker for jeweled anything, so consider me sold on this piece.

All signs pointed to the need for me to incorporate this style of headdress into my repertoire.  Fast forward to my thought process this morning while perusing Lola Benito's blogI came across this photo, which totally got me thinking about a similar shirt I own that hasn't seen much love lately.  You see, I absolutely adore the stripes on this  shirt of mine, but it has a really annoying thick band at the bottom (kind of resembling a mini skirt attached to a shirt). I do not find this style flattering in the least, and today I decided that the band had to go, so that my shirt and I could live happily ever after. 

What transpired next was a great lesson in sustainability. After cutting off the bottom band, I realized that the excess fabric was too good to toss, and it was the PERFECT width for a turban/headband; hooray!  I set off on a morning-long journey to create the perfect DIY turband, complete with jewels and all.   

I love the finished product, but I'm going to save the details for another time. It's getting late, and this post is getting looooong.  Stay tuned for photos of my new striped, jeweled turband...I promise it will not disappoint! 

photo credits: Glamourai, B. Jones Style, Topshop


A Woman's Closet Is Full of Surprises

H&M jacket and top, United Colors of Benetton dress, Urban Outfitters clutch, Aldo ring, Chinese Laundry boots
Just when I think I know exactly what's in my closet at all times, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the contents.  I found the removable faux shearling collar for this wool biker jacket tucked away somewhere, and: voila! Instant fall trend craving satisfaction.  A second dig through the archives produced these ankle boots - a total impulse buy a few years back.  They remind me a little bit of these Proenza boots from Fall 2009: 

The Proenza's obviously kick my boots' proverbial ass, but the tiny comparison makes me smile on the inside anyway (I know, who am I?).  

This Benetton dress continues to surprise.  I really love the cowl draping in the front and the fact that it can be adjusted to multiple lengths with the aid of a belt. Now it's even more rad because I realized that I can wear stuff underneath it.  My military button down has been begging for a moment like this. 

Unfortunately for my vintage-gold-rope/chain necklace, a hurried photo shoot (caused by a slew of cars driving through the alley) meant that it was covered up in every photo, but rest assured that it was a great member of this ensemble.

photo credits: Chris, Shoeper Woman  


Wide-Brim Toppers

I'm on the hunt for a new addition to my (budding) hat collection. Given the weather, my favorite straw wide-brim fedora is no longer apropos, so I'm on the hunt to find its wool felt incarnation. Here are some major contenders: 


Clockwise from top left (click on any image to shop): Forever 21, Borsalino, Asos, Del Moro, Rag & Bone


DIY Madness - Painted Denim Edition

Last night, Chris and I purchased some acrylic paints for a pumpkin decorating session. Prior to last night, my only foray into painting had been with watercolors in elementary school.  Imagine my glee at seeing the rich color and glossy texture of acrylics....instantly hooked. Unsatisfied by merely painting pumpkins, I woke up this morning determined to find other things to paint.  

Inspired by Sea of Shoes' Jane, my first stop on the tour de paint is denim. While pondering what exactly I was going to paint, I started thinking of this project as a tattoo of sorts for my jeans.  I thought about the images I've often considered getting tattooed on myself: dove, swallow, Chanel-esque jewels.  Suddenly I recalled the amazing temporary tattoos that were featured in Chanel's S/S 2010 show. Created by Peter Phillips, these tattoos featured iconic Chanel images and designs, and they were simply amazing. 

Now, I don't claim to have any talent as a painter whatsoever, but I'm definitely having a blast with this project, and the results so far are pretty cool, IMHO.

Reworked Cheap Monday jeans, Reeves acrylic color set
I haven't worn these jeans in over a year, but now I can't wait to wear the finished product with a crisp white tee and a black blazer.  

Photo credits: Jack & Hill, DailyMail


Rainy Days and Sniffles

Zara trench & bag, Steve Madden boots, Pepperdine sweatshirt, Aritzia t-shirt,  H&M leggings, Forever 21 frames

Disclaimer: I'm currently without camera and have been relegated to taking photos with my iPhone, so please excuse the quality of these shots. 

Three days of non-stop rain can make one feel ho-hum real fast. Throw in a case of the sniffles, and it's a recipe for a major gloom-fest. I refuse to let a little cold  and some rain get the best of me, so I decided to play dress-up for my quick trip to the local pharmacy.  

It's amazing what a little bit of red lipstick and a perfectly fitted trench can do to spice up an "I'm home sick" outfit. Normally, I'm not even a lipstick person, but after today I may very well become a regular user.

What's your recipe for a quick pick-me-up?


Ode to Individuality

In anticipation of my favorite holiday, Halloween, I had to share these images that Tommy Ton captured of Anna Dello Russo as she dressed for the Masquerade ball held last week in celebration of Vogue Paris' 90th anniversary.

There are no words. Custom Peter Dundas designed dress, Gareth Pugh headpiece circa this collection, lace mask, and the most kiiiiiller white wig I have EVER! ADR is just insane-o in the best way possible. I aspire to be as fun and fearless as she is with her style.

I think this year's Halloween ensemble will need to be topped off with a wig.  Definitely.

photos: Tommy Ton