Congratulations, You've Just Graduated to the Next Year

Aqua dress & jacket, DKNY tights, Etsy and Aldo rings, Forever21 necklace worn as garter, awkward expression = all me
Much like the rest of 2010, last night flew by.  My first NYE in L.A. did not disappoint, and I am so fortunate to have found amazing friends with whom to celebrate such occasions out here.

In lieu of channeling Marchesa, as originally planned, I ended up going with a snake print dress and an equally scaly sequin blazer for the evening's festivities.  My visions of donning a body chain were replaced with visions of draping a garter-like chain around my thigh. Amazing in theory...not so much in practice.  I was fussing with it too much to wear it beyond my apartment, but I feel a DIY project coming up.  I am determined to make the chain garter work in time for warmer weather. 

I'll wrap this up with the warmest of wishes for a happy, healthy, and stylish 2011.  Make it happen this year, people!