You're the Talent. You Do As I Say.

United Colors of Benetton dress, H&M blazer, Banana Republic cuff and bag, gifted shoes (label unknown), M by MJ sunnies, gifted pendant
In college, I was taught that one should always wear a suit to an interview, a rule that I do not think should be followed in every situation.  It's super important to make a great first impression, but it's equally important to infuse your personality into your attire. I feel polished in this outfit, and I feel like myself, which will undoubtedly take some of the edge off of being in the hot seat.       

Another hot day here has me wanting nothing but the feel of silky fabrics on my skin, and this ensemble is comprised of just that. Luckily I'll be indoors for today's meeting.  Although I arrived well in advance of yesterday's interview, the only table I could find at the Coffee Bean was directly in the sun and right near a trash can. A little tip for you readers: searing heat and the scent of garbage are veeeery distracting while fielding questions about your past work experience! Fortunately, I still think it went very well and hopefully I'll have a second interview to dress for very soon. (: 

photos by Chris 

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