Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

Alice + Olivia Faux Leather Legging, $198
Equipment Silk Button Down, $228
American Apparel Lace Bodysuit, $38
ASOS Mid-Length Body-con Dress, $40.44

Pamela Love Double Cage Ring, $414

Fall is my second favorite season after Summer, so it's a good thing I moved to L.A. because I can pretty much wear my favorite clothes year round.  

Maybe it's the Chicagoan in me, but Fall brings out my tough side... you know, probably because the past four years I was always bracing myself for the inevitable bitter cold winter ahead.  That, and I just love that Urban Warrior, rock 'n roll sensibility that comes with putting on a pair of black skinnies, black ankle boots, and a leather jacket. 

In keeping with the theme of my preferred fall uniform, the items on my shopping list so far are basics with a feminine edge - black leather pants, silky military button down, lace bodysuit, mid-calf body-con dress in a dark neutral.  The one piece of jewelry I want to wear more than anything else this season is Pamela Love's Double Cage Ring.  With its $400 price tag, the ring will not likely make it on my finger (I have a wedding to plan this year, after all!), but I can't wait to find an alternative to satisfy my craving. 

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  1. The lace bodysuit is a phenomenal fall look! Cool ring, too.