Hyperventillating for Marchesa's S/S 11 Collection

I am admittedly waaaay behind in reviewing the S/S 11 collections from NY Fashion Week (y'know, there's that whole job search thingy that's sucking up allllll of my time...NBD). This morning, I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to devote my morning to perusing Style.com for their coverage of the shows thus far.

When I got to Marchesa's collection, my heart almost stopped. Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig do. not. mess. around.  The name Marchesa always evokes images of breathtaking, delicate, immaculately constructed beauty. If you ever want to be the center of attention at an event, with every single eyeball fixated on you when you enter a room, put on Marchesa. Done. 

Not surprisingly, I have found ample inspiration for my wedding among what I can only describe as looks of pure poetry.  In other words, I need to either have four ceremonies, or four costume changes, so I can wear each and every one of these gorgeous pieces: 

Here are a few more looks that are not so much wedding gown inspirations as they are everysinglenightout inspirations. 

Lace? Check. Jumpsuit? Check. Cropped jacket? Check. Amazeballs body-chain/web/breastplate? Checkkkkkkkk.

Now take a minute to catch your breath.  I'm still trying to catch mine. 

Photo credits: Style.com

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