DIY Madness - Painted Denim Edition

Last night, Chris and I purchased some acrylic paints for a pumpkin decorating session. Prior to last night, my only foray into painting had been with watercolors in elementary school.  Imagine my glee at seeing the rich color and glossy texture of acrylics....instantly hooked. Unsatisfied by merely painting pumpkins, I woke up this morning determined to find other things to paint.  

Inspired by Sea of Shoes' Jane, my first stop on the tour de paint is denim. While pondering what exactly I was going to paint, I started thinking of this project as a tattoo of sorts for my jeans.  I thought about the images I've often considered getting tattooed on myself: dove, swallow, Chanel-esque jewels.  Suddenly I recalled the amazing temporary tattoos that were featured in Chanel's S/S 2010 show. Created by Peter Phillips, these tattoos featured iconic Chanel images and designs, and they were simply amazing. 

Now, I don't claim to have any talent as a painter whatsoever, but I'm definitely having a blast with this project, and the results so far are pretty cool, IMHO.

Reworked Cheap Monday jeans, Reeves acrylic color set
I haven't worn these jeans in over a year, but now I can't wait to wear the finished product with a crisp white tee and a black blazer.  

Photo credits: Jack & Hill, DailyMail

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