A Woman's Closet Is Full of Surprises

H&M jacket and top, United Colors of Benetton dress, Urban Outfitters clutch, Aldo ring, Chinese Laundry boots
Just when I think I know exactly what's in my closet at all times, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the contents.  I found the removable faux shearling collar for this wool biker jacket tucked away somewhere, and: voila! Instant fall trend craving satisfaction.  A second dig through the archives produced these ankle boots - a total impulse buy a few years back.  They remind me a little bit of these Proenza boots from Fall 2009: 

The Proenza's obviously kick my boots' proverbial ass, but the tiny comparison makes me smile on the inside anyway (I know, who am I?).  

This Benetton dress continues to surprise.  I really love the cowl draping in the front and the fact that it can be adjusted to multiple lengths with the aid of a belt. Now it's even more rad because I realized that I can wear stuff underneath it.  My military button down has been begging for a moment like this. 

Unfortunately for my vintage-gold-rope/chain necklace, a hurried photo shoot (caused by a slew of cars driving through the alley) meant that it was covered up in every photo, but rest assured that it was a great member of this ensemble.

photo credits: Chris, Shoeper Woman  

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