DIY Madness - Head Case, Part 1

I have been on a crazy DIY kick lately. I attribute this to the endless slew of rain that L.A. was hit with this week. My latest project took me in the direction of turbands, which have been on my mind a lot as of late.  IMO, the thought process behind this project was just as great as the outcome - only because it was SO random.  Isn't that the beauty of inspiration, though?  One thought or image can lead you in a direction you never could have anticipated.  More on that later, though.  For now, let's take a look at a few of the images behind my turban-like head wrap craving: 

First, Kelly of The Glamourai shared photos of herself wearing an amazing "scarf-turned-turban":

Then, as if reading my  mind, B. Jones Style announced a giveaway of this Eugenia Kim velvet headband (of course I entered immediately!): 

Finally, today's Topshop homepage featured a jeweled knit turband.  I am a sucker for jeweled anything, so consider me sold on this piece.

All signs pointed to the need for me to incorporate this style of headdress into my repertoire.  Fast forward to my thought process this morning while perusing Lola Benito's blogI came across this photo, which totally got me thinking about a similar shirt I own that hasn't seen much love lately.  You see, I absolutely adore the stripes on this  shirt of mine, but it has a really annoying thick band at the bottom (kind of resembling a mini skirt attached to a shirt). I do not find this style flattering in the least, and today I decided that the band had to go, so that my shirt and I could live happily ever after. 

What transpired next was a great lesson in sustainability. After cutting off the bottom band, I realized that the excess fabric was too good to toss, and it was the PERFECT width for a turban/headband; hooray!  I set off on a morning-long journey to create the perfect DIY turband, complete with jewels and all.   

I love the finished product, but I'm going to save the details for another time. It's getting late, and this post is getting looooong.  Stay tuned for photos of my new striped, jeweled turband...I promise it will not disappoint! 

photo credits: Glamourai, B. Jones Style, Topshop

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